Computer Problems

My Computer Is Running Slow

One of the most common expressions is “My Computer is not as fast as it was when I brought it”

That was very common in the past, when the computers had limited hard drive space. It was easy to fill the drives with clutter as we are reluctant to remove data that we may need in the future.  Often there were duplicates in various folders, and this happens more with Photos, videos and music.

Making  good use your computer’s resources will keep things running smoothly, but the catch is knowing how to do this.

There is a defined amount of storage space, precise processing speed, and a determined amount of ram memory. The more applications, files, photos, video-clips, and music, you have, potentially will affect the speed of your computer.

One of the main causes of an extremely slow computer could be due to a virus attack.  read our article.  You can always check  with Microsoft to see some of the most common symptoms of viruses.

Other causes

Programs (software applications) use the computers resources and affect performance. Applications that start automatically, email, Virus checkers, Skype etc., are running in the background using whether you are using them or not.  Most computer users will have 4 to 10 things running all the time. If they are not being used they should not be running automatically.

Most of these applications can be seen at the lower right corner of your screen beside your system clock. They are icons  telling what is currently running . They are usually installed into the start-up folder, and load automatically. This determines how long you have to wait for windows to boot up. Windows has to load all these and and shows you what they are next to your clock.

Not everybody is Tech savvy, and as a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing it is always good practice to contact a computer repair company that you can trust. If you would like to find a trusted Company who can do Computer repairs in Newmarket  we recommend checking out They will be in a far better position to advise you more accurately, and ultimately save you time and money

Regular Files

Other things like documents, spreadsheets, videos, pictures, and music files only use system resources when they are opened. They only take up storage space on the hard drive. Of course the more there are on your hard drive, the messy your drive is.

How Does this Slow the Computer?

Data is added to the drive by putting it into the nearest free space. If it does not all fit it the puts it into the next available space. This creates gaps between information. It uses up lots of time going backwards and forwards to get all the data together.This is called called fragmentation.


To put the data back into order in sequence and have it efficiently arranged, it needs to be “de-fragged”. You hardly ever need to defragment your hard drive these days as the modern drives are very fast. However your computer can still be slow if you have less than 10% of free hard disk space to allow the operating system to run correctly.

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